Every Girl’s Big Day

by 7


Attended a wedding last Saturday!

Best wishes to ate Apple & kuya Jasper. More——more blessings to come.




Wedding is a sacred thing; a blessing. After you ought  to exchange vows with each other, as you live your life with God and for God, you’ll now be living that life with the love of your life.

Watching ate Apple walk on that center spot with a red carpet, with rose petals lying on the floor, parents waiting for her, her groom waiting for her, lights on her, and all eyes on her, it really truly feels like a one magical lovely moment of your entire life. This is——i suppose, haha just kidding, i KNOW——every girl’s big day in the whole 365 days she’s living.

04202013820Souvenir from the married couple! Thanks guys! Love lots.

And this is mum and me!—at the reception. Lol.

Low quality pic, sorry, just a snapshot from my cell so, yeah.