Still Life with Books…

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I was wading through rearranging the books in my library this past weekend. I got through 5 shelves of 30…not an impressive start, I know, but an earnest one. While working I remembered a piece I had written quite a while ago about books…recommending books…loving books. So when I was tired of rearranging I went looking for it. It was first published online at and republished with added images here.

Just a few short weeks ago, the Captain put the finishing touches on our library/music room. The transformation from “side-yard-under-the-old-oak-tree-adjacent-to-the-attached-falling-down-shed” to “bright-warm- inviting-addition-with-French-doors-out-onto-the-back-deck-and-floor-to-ceiling-bookshelves” was not an easy one. He did virtually everything by himself. I mean, I held the occasional stringer in place and I wallpapered. But those seem rather insignificant contributions in comparison to foundation work, framing, flooring, roofing, painting, masonry and electrical work. Not to mention laying the carpet and moving all the…

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