Last Mug of Coffee

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Before I Fall: just my thoughts about this book

“They say that just before you die your whole life flashes before your eyes, but that’s not how it happens for me. I see only my greatest hits. The things I want to remember, and be remembered for.”

—Samantha “Sam” Emily Kingston

Re-read this story, this book Before I Fall (written by Lauren Oliver),  and boy, should I tell you this that I had urged to push back my tears (when I’m on chapter seven plus the epilogue part). It’s just so sad and wonderful, and sympathetic and magical and sweet.

Surely, I wouldn’t blame Sam for her bewilderment and confusion if she wakes up and find that she woke up like the day yesterday and find almost everything to be doing exactly the way they did yesterday and find something wrong and just feels like it’s just supposed to  be…yesterday.

You see, the story starts when Sam and her best of friends have gone  through a car accident on their way home from Kent’s party. And it goes when Sam woke up, and it’s Friday, 12th of February, Cupid’s day. She just thought that what happened yesterday were all a dream and what’s happening today might be some kind of déjà vu or something. But everything seemed to be out of ordinary when the accident happened again and she woke up on the 12th of February——Friday, and it’s Cupid’s day!——again  and it all starts all over. And so her adventure began in search of answers on why on earth is she stuck there.

Sam, eventually, kind of changes each day. Like on how her views on people change, on how she discovered things she never thought possible (like her true feelings for Kent! omg!), and on how she savored her last mug of coffee, the winter light, her family and friends, and on just about every bits and pieces. I like those parts.

Also, right after the day ended  and before she woke up, she had dreams. And like her, the dreams were changing.

  1. Like first, it was like she was falling and falling and falling but never came into  a stop, darkness all around. Then,
  2. the next thing she knew, she was just floating. And
  3. after that——her dream on the seventh day and her final day——she discovered that she was not falling or floating or anything at all. She was flying. She was just closing her eyes the whole time that’s why she felt like falling.

And…Sam realized that it was never about saving her life. Somewhere, somehow, someone…there is someone she needed to save. Someone worth a life; of living. Because it is never too late.

The story told and reminded me again that we don’t hold our time. We don’t know when it’s the last time we’ll ever laugh and frown, drive and walk, eat and drink, scream and study, tweet and blog and whatever. We don’t know if it’ll be the last sunshine you’ll feel and see or if it’ll be the last sleep with your family. WE JUST DON’T KNOW. But if it comes? Let it. Feel it.

Let me spare you this (and pretty much to myself as well): I hope that, even before we leave this ground…we have saved someone. Maybe physically, socially, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually (much better). And that someone will save someone too. And he too will and it’s like a domino effect after all.

If you are confused on how I write my thoughts, well, I apologize (i know i’m such a nothing at this, lol). But if somehow at some point, I did strike you a bit about this thumbs-up book, get to know it more in goodreads. Here, click on my heart.

&one more thing: i have a confession to make. You see, my title and my featured image isn’t exactly what it seems to be. That mug doesn’t contain a hot coffee at all. It is actually a chocolate-coffee shake that turned out to be that way. But there’s still coffee you know! Lol.