I Never Told You

by 7

Music is a wonderful thing. Sometimes, when I’m all alone, it serves as my companion. And other times, when things go running all the spaces in my head, it serves as my peace of mind.


That’s my trustee iPod over there!

And with music, of course, one can really have lots of fun. And as I am pertaining to fun, I just had a crazy stuff going on my mind.

I turned the iTunes on a shuffle mode, and, whatever song will be played will be the answer (sort of like that) to the 13 questions/topic/whatevs (lol). This was the result! Beware. Haha.

  1. I Never Told You by Colbie Callait is my title post
  2. what my day is like today: Sora Ni Maiagare by Kazehaya Shouta* (character song)
  3. oh i’ll sing this in front of a BIG crowd: Enchanted by Taylor Swift
  4. Shatter Me OST (this better be good! lol): No Boundaries by Kris Allen
  5. song that puts me to zzzzzzzzzzzzz: Wedding Dress by Taeyang
  6. Standing In The Dark by Lawson is my frequent song sang in the shower room
  7. what i felt about the food i ate at lunch today: They Don’t Know About Us by One Direction
  8. I am Shooting Star by Owl City
  9. I will Learn To Love Again by Lawson
  10. my sister’s song choice of the month! Shine by Ieiri Leo
  11. Clarity by Zedd feat. Foxes best song evaaaaaaahhhh!
  12. me and my “future” hubby’s theme song (lol) Back For You by One Direction
  13. the song that describes my life right now: Bokura No Love Style by Hitachiin Brothers* (character song)

Just a friendly reminder here ^^

#2 song answer is a character song. The character is Kazehaya Shota* (from the manga and anime Kimi Ni Todoke) and is voiced over by Namikawa Daisuke. So yeah, you get it, he’s really the one who’s singing. And for

#13 song answer, Kaoru and Hikaru Hitachiin (from the manga and anime Ouran HS Host Club), their voice actors are Yoshinori Fujita and Kenichi Suzumura.

Well…what can I say? I’m laughing at the results right now. And you probably too (haha). Nonetheless, it was fun to try. And yes! I AM A SHOOTING STAR! & I WILL LEARN TO LOVE AGAIN!