Book Hangover

by 7

“Because my love for you sustains me.” ——Jem Carstairs

There it is. My book hangover. Really, I can’t even start reading The Hangman’s Daughter because I’m still stuck with Magnus Bane, the Institute, Nate, Mortmain, Cecily, the curse, the proposal, and not to mention the Will—Tessa—Jem “love triangle”.

(err…i am not writing a book review, okay? just some thoughts and feels and all random. lol)

This 2nd book, really, has so much feelings, and I think I don’t know what to say or rather write anymore. *laughs* My point is, this has got to be one of my favorites. Hooray! By the way it captured my heart, I surely can’t wait to buy the third and final book: Clockwork Princess.

Proceeding along, I still find it funny when Magnus kissed Will. It’s just…didn’t Will even realized the “before” movement of Magnus to him and just flinched away? Lol. Well…I think that Magnus did that to make Camille jealous.

Moving aside, I found in the mid-part of the story, that Nate died. Well I think that he deserved it. But then again, I feel a sympathy towards him. She’s Tessa’s brother, or rather half-brother. She still has the same blood in even a bit. But, after all he had done? Yeah. I’m going again for my first vote.

YAY! Charlotte has regained her place slash position in the Institute. With no more finding—Mortmain—in—two—weeks—time contest. Ha! Benedict Lightwood your face! (kidding!) And yes, they’re going to have a baby! Charlotte and Henry *cheers and confetti*.

(oh! for people who have wanted to read this series? i’m sorry for spoiling you. i just remebered this lately in the middle of my writing. hehe. my deep apologies!)

I’m glad (sooo glad) that Axel Mortmain and Tessa didn’t meet again. Whew. But really. Mortmain——where in the England are you? And way to go Tessa for that shape-changing ability of yours that led to the discovery of Nate and Jessie being together for how many days and that Jessie betrayed her own kind *sobs*. But, I guess that’s a good thing about books. That twist thing and that shocking revelation thing and those antagonists that came from protagonists.

And speaking of that shocking revelation thing? Oh. My. Will.

me while reading this part: *sobs*

me while reading this part: *sobs*

It’s just so shocking and sad and really shocking and sad that that demon thing—as I remembered correctly, and is written over there, the thing’s name was Marbas—didn’t lay any curse on Will AT ALL. Like what Magnus said there, being trapped inside a Pyxis box for how many years will make a thing very weak and wouldn’t cast a spell or anything on you. BUT it wasn’t what Will believed in a span of FIVE YEARS. All his doing, his treatment, and his attitude towards others——so that they wouldn’t care and love him so that they wouldn’t die. It’s just so shocking and sad and did I say this again already?

But living in truth is way better than walking the streets not knowing you are in a lie. So nonetheless, at least my Will Will knew. Thanks to Magnus.

And that…it is never too late to adjust what has been improper.

So all along, Will, finally letting his walls go down permanently, went to tell Tessa and confess his feelings for her. But…

I guess…

There is still something that you will be late of.

me: *sobs again*

me: *sobs again*

I can’t really put the blame on Will for his doing because really, of course, absolutely, it’s Marbas which is to blame for ENTIRELY. And that Will is really pure and loving *sobs*.

When he finally thought that he could have her…that thought became vague now. Because no. He can’t have her. Jem and Tessa are engaged. It’s sad, and heartbreaking. And it’s his parabatai, his so likely brother, his so other half.

Tessa…you really are one lucky lass. For having two lovely men love you, and yet, of course, you still has to choose one.

And if I were you? I’m going to pick…BOTH. Haha! Kidding. Why is it that some love stories have this kind of stuff? That triangular love story? Indeed, even the reader can’t handle the thought of choosing one over the other for the girl lead and especially if both characters are so lovely and have that different personalities that’s just so lovely and at the same time interesting and mysterious?

I still don’t know where side I am for Tessa!!!! HELP! Team Jem or Team Will? My vote isn’t stable yet.


Clockwork Princess.


I. AM. Begging.

Come to me.