her new world

by 7


So…I AM LOVING the Delirium series—and just last night, i finished the 2nd book: Pandemonium. I really need to shop and buy the final one!

The photo above consisting some lines (of Lena and Raven) is from the Book 2. Lena has passed over the fence (but without Alex *cries*) and found her new place, new home, new world. New Lena.

And she has found a new love life, too. But…her first love—knowing that he already died—reappears. WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN BETWEEN LENA AND JULIAN? I admit that I have fallen in like with Julian for Lena. But… but… Alex… *rolls over and over and again and again*. This is really one of my weakness: triangular love stories in books.

I just really need Requiem right now.