We are all made of stars

by 7

I just finished reading Pandemonium last Sunday! 🙂 & am now getting my nerves ready to start on The Hangman’s Daughter. But I’ll finish a manga first *laughs*. I’ll try to check out that “faithful place” you’ve read. I like mysteries, too. 🙂

Rant and Roll

Well, the weather broke.

After enjoying an absolutely beautiful week of balmy, breezy days, solid gold sunshine, and temperatures hovering about the twenty degree mark, we’re officially back to the drizzle.

Dressing myself for work this morning I had to gird my loins, knowing full well that in order to get out the door I would have to face the ever-dreaded “turtle neck and pair of tights” combination.


So sure was I last week that I had seen the last of this much worn duo: “Until (at the very least) next September!” I had cockily crowed to Marc.


Even the thick mist and rain spackled streets can’t do much to temper my mood.

Because dudes I am feeling pretty darn good.

Today I kicked some major butt at work, and now I’m off to do a show tonight at a new room (for me) with a bunch of…

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