“The wheel comes full circle…”

by 7

It was not unnatural or way too stressful for me to sleep after midnight or after 2 hours late after midnight or even not sleeping at all the whole dawn. I can’t help it. I’m a night owl.

Besides, I find my time at those times the one of the best moments I love to do: Filling my eyes and mind a good read. I don’t know, but you know? Mornings for me have lots of work and things to do (like this summer)—doing chores and errands, helping, watching, eating, playing, and even going out—so I really cannot concentrate my mind with the words and stories that I am reading. Share.

More importantly, I love seeing the sun rise as I go on forth reading a book (plus those lovely chirps of birds). It is both satisfying and wonderful to both see such marvellous creations.

Now it happened to me recently, this week actually. I have now finished the third and final book of the series The Infernal Devices: Clockwork Princess.

Then it just hits me: You know the feeling of waiting patiently and impatiently at the same time for the final book in a trilogy for them to release and for you to buy?—And to desperately want to know the answers, conclusions, and its finality?

And yet.

There’s this feeling that yes! I have finished the book, then no! I don’t want the story to be finished. It’s both sad and wondrous.

But hey, it’ how stories and books are all like: There’s this Once upon a time and this Finally or Ever after which I find bittersweet. But nonetheless, thank you dear authors and writers.

Thank you Cassandra Clare for sharing your story and your fiction world. I’m eager and pleased to say that this series—TID—is one of my favorites. Mm-hm. Definitely.

Things/Marks/Notes/Stuffs I’d just like to give credit:

#1 Jem—Tessa—Will
#2 Goodbye Mortmain
#3 Charlotte being the Consul
#4 Angel Ithuriel
#5 Sophie and the Ascension and Gideon
#6 Cecily and her faith with Gabriel
#7 Lightworm
#8 Magnus Bane
#9 Portal
#10 Kick-ass singer Bridget
#11 Aloysius Starkweather and Adele and Elizabeth
#12 Big-headed Consul Josiah
#13 Brother Zachariah
#14 Balios
#15 Cadair Idris
#16 Charles Buford, James and Lucie
#17 Church
#18 Violin
#19 Jessie’s dolls
#20 Immortality, Magic, Shadowhunters and Downworlders
#21 Music and Words and Runes and Swords and Daggers and Staff
#22 Engagement—Postponement—Breakage
#23 Triangular Love Story and love, and more love, and love still
#24 Parabatai
#25 The Wheel and River
#26 Blackfriars Bridge



Tessa, who finally had known about her parents and who she truly is, and who realized that her heart is both for the two of them—and each of the two is also both for the other as well—for their love are connected and bound with one another; soul mates to each other’s hearts and life.

Yup. It’s official. I’m through with this series and I’m drowning with my feels!!

That’s it. I’m having a party for Cassie! *THROWS CONFETTI* =)

It is a story like no other, a writing worth reading for, and a love that simply embraces you with warmth and all marvellous.

And yet.

A thought hit my mind once more: That books and stories end well with words and punctuations at the very last page. But it will go on and forth even without its printed pages, for it will continue its journey forever like a wheel going and going, for its words, ideas, and thoughts will be a memory living inside us, and will always remain deep within our hearts.