Let’s be friends

by 7

Tonight, I remembered a quote and it says: Keep moving forward.

Hours ago, there was a battle between two great heroes. It was, for the villagers and the sightseers and the people, a big fight and a game that will enable the winning one power to excalate to greatness. The two heroes both symbolize some thing: one is the soaring falcon, and the other is the red warrior.

People cheered for their favorite figure and cheered more. And more. To greatness.

Now we know that someone will lose and the other one will win. Games are battles. Battles are games. If you know what I mean and…

The one soaring high won.

There are possibilities that in games you win because of choices, chances, luck, and so be it. But witnesses believed that it was also the willpower, the gut, and the determination that led this hero won the game.

It’s his lucky day. It’s also his fighting spirit.

Games are like wheels. You are sometimes on the top and the other times, you’re down there. But can’t the people who love the winning hero spread and express their happiness towards the event that has been accomplished? Can’t they celebrate their “upward” moment just this day? Come on.

People on the other side of the team thought of the winning side boastful, war freaks, and something else. Come on. You will have your day too someday. Your hero of course will prove at best what he can do. He’s a warrior, you see. But today, just today, let the others express their sides of achievement of their hero and their bliss bliss bliss. Please?

Don’t hate the other hero. Can’t you congratulate him instead?

All along there’s this quote I remembered just lately: Keep moving forward. And forward as we go whether one lose or win.

And sometimes… Acceptance rules. Trust me. I’ve been there.