When you made someone glad, you feel much happy

by 7

Day started good. Night ended better.

And when we picked up the pieces of how it all bloomed, in just one go, there it was. The birthday plan.

It’s been a day. I’m grateful for today. I got to make plans with my friends. The surprises worked out. It felt warm, relaxing. Delightful. I got to feel like a spy for almost two hours. I got to pretend to be going away to make the goal much appealing. I got to send happiness. With them, it all felt good and accomplishing. All for a friend that we truly love. Sending all my birthday wishes to you bro, virtually.

I like to think that after a one-shot day, it’s an achievement to share your smiles, give your laughter, and spread your positivity. Doesn’t it feel precisely nice to make a somebody feel like a somebody with full realization that he deserves something extra wonderful today? It really does. Life is full of surprises, full of wonders. And like a firework it glows and escalate joyous matters.

HAPPINESS is the word of the day. And may it be that kind every hour of the day everyday. So get out, go on, and try to give a simple greeting and you’ll receive a smile that’ll somehow make a part of your day. And let that grow and grow more each moment.

Birthdays, surprises, speechless and grateful responses, appreciation, bonding—they all were and went by but will again happen some other time. Had fun today guys! Love y’all.