Being back is feeling good

by 7

I’ve been away from here for a month now, and it felt like a year, to be honest. But now I’m back! Back for good this summer vacation, and it feels so nice. So yeah, summer is almost—and actually—here in our country. Last year and some other years back, people can already feel the summer heat even if it’s just March. But these past few days, it was gloomy, and drizzling and raining; but not until I woke up today ‘cause the heat is definitely here now.

But I am one heck of a person I know. Since I would love to feel the summer already—to smell warmth, to hear the tweets of birds again, to probably see rays of light sneaking a peek at my room, and to taste a scrumptious order of a stress-free-from-school work days—I would most likely rant about how hot it would be again. Like really complain about it every single day, like it’s an expression or a likely response to every question you would be asked about. So yeah, there goes my crappy personality.

I guess people are really like that sometimes. One day they’re wishing that something would just happen because they do not like what current situation they have at the moment, and when it happens the other day, they would all like go back to where they were before. No satisfaction or contentment, or whatsoever.

So I suppose that I need to stop protesting about how it would all be—and how hot it will be since it is yes, summer—this coming month. I suppose that I should be, in any case possible, just live among the days, the moments. To just get along the lines and zigzags in life. In this manner, I don’t have any summer plans at all. I just have to get a lot of sleep and rest for some couple of days, and then do what could be possibly be done for the next rest of the days.

And for a bit of a second, I just remembered that I have stacks of books to read and some movies to laugh my heart and cry my eyes out. And I would like to spend time with my family again since I hardly see and bond with when I got into college. I’d comparably fill in some good times remained empty by time. So I guess I have some summer plans in mind after all. Let’s just see what will happen and just live within the moments.