by 7

This is the day
She didn’t guess
The mood brought on the way
Never thought it’d be a mess

She went out to see
The most wonderful
She went out to flee
From the danger so cruel

She found enchanting faces
Witnessed complicated structures
Dawned on renowned places
Carried by sensible pictures

You see she has traveled so far
To view things worthy of what
She tried hard to go for more
And tried again for another shot

On her way back home
Fair enough but tired as can be
Sat on the porch wishing herself in Rome
She looked above and then found glee

The twinkling lights
The shining wonder up above
The remained memories too bright
The look of beauty and love

Just the lines and the curves
Plain and candid they may seem
All the sound and the verve
Effortless beauty they surely gleam

This is the night
She didn’t know
After all the planned flight
Realizations took place to glow.

National Poetry Writing Month

Writing Challenge: Time for Poetry