Don’t Say Goodbye

by 7

Hello, how are you?
How well do you do?
It has been years and so
I have gone to the days you grow.

Hello, what do you do?
I reckon now you are a pro
You look great in your stage
But I wish you could one day be out of rage.

Hello, I see you are fine
You are not seeing me until nine
I know you still feel it too
The sting I left unto you

I’m sorry is what I can say
Sorry for every single way
I misunderstood you but now I know
Realized it after you left some years ago.

Well you moved on from me
You left feeling bitter and all disagree
Is this what you want?
Is this what you need?

Hello, and you are saying goodbye
Walking away so very far
A thousand steps away from me,
A million space and are you feeling free?

I apologize, I apologize
Way back several years I antagonized
My only hope is for you to look at me,
And to ever forgive me so deeply.