That day, it was revealed

by 7

I had this one day to know a secret.

Your secret, to be exact.

It was all over me all of a sudden. Plastered on my lips, gripped among my thoughts, held at the tips.

But I guess, that this hush-hush isn’t really that to be excited to. To be lived through, and to get much from. But you are my friend, the closest among the rest, and that I am honoured and in joy to be trusted upon to know and keep this.

And because of the fact that this secret is about your special someone.

And I was in joy to know that part.

Classes started, half-hour breaks were tended, chit-chats have been going on and on, and I waited until dismissal.

And finally, I had this time to know the secret.

I asked, you hesitated to answer.

Then the talk went to different matters, to diverted views. And we just laughed the whole time and thought through things.

But then I went back, and asked you again.

You paused. You looked away. You cleared your throat. You registered my way. You turned to me. You hesitated, for the most part.

I questioned you through my eyes—and through your eyes I found the answer.

I didn’t know how to react. To say words in response.

I knew it now.

All along,

I am the secret.