An open message (for the birthday boy)

by 7





A grade-schooler. A gamer. A dancer. A clown for some days, so serious some other times. Ever the curious. (And couldn’t tie his own shoes.) The self-learner, the food lover. Shy type outside but a crazy kiddo inside. A son. A brother. My little brother. My enemy and my friend. A blessing. And today is your tenth year of living…

Happy birthday kid! You are growing up so fast! Last time I checked, I was just bathing you and making you drink your milk. Now, you are out there with your bike and you have your own Facebook account. And someday you’ll explore more about yourself, about the world. You’ll be taller than me, get smarter than me, see the the places that I’ve seen, feel the things that I’ve felt…but I wouldn’t worry about that for now. Because this now is what matters, this today that you are celebrating. This spectacular now that will be put somewhere in your favorite days. I know that you have a lot more to go through. But doncha worry, there is no need to rush. Just enjoy and do your thing, okay? (Okay.)  Be this 10-year old boy that you want to be. I’m just right at your back.

Love Ate 🙂