13th of June

by 7

A flashback.

One body. One face. One look. One smile. One moment.

Just one moment and a hundred of memories come back to life—even in the slightest tick of time. And somehow they cling on you, the time going slower, and you see the life you had with them back then, and they hold on for a couple more seconds.

Like earlier, when I saw him riding his bike. He and his white skin I always get jealous about. He and his face that glows with experiences. He and his being a big brother to me.

A kuya who told jokes and played street games with us even after dinner time. Laughed with us over silly things. Had time with us just to know us better. And for the special part, he was the kuya who taught me how to ride a bike.

Yes. Bike.

I don’t know but it will be my forever favorite memory from him. Without his guidance and words of support, I won’t be out there enjoying the ride. Without the wounds and bruises that instilled on my skin, I will always have this fear of falling and of losing control. Surely, everyone we meet in everyday of our lives has a purpose. Shaking hands and exchanging smiles with them are never an accident.

Even though we’re just separated by blocks, we don’t talk much and not that close now. We are living among our lives. But it is good to say that at least we had connections, time spent together, and brief stories we told one another, that will remain in the fruitful side of our past.

And I know for a fact, as I travel along the roads with my trusty old bike, feeling the breeze of air on my face, sightseeing people and places, that he was the reason behind me doing these. The birth of me knowing this.

So thank you.