by 7

There was this moment, this tiny moment, when it just hit me hard that you have already realized I am not the one. Finally. I am happy that you have moved on from me because that is what I want. That’s the best thing to do.

But there’s a shot right in my chest it hurts. Is this really what I want? Because somehow the pain succeeds deeper…right in my heart.

The grasp that you know what my answer would be when you asked me back then, I didn’t feel the pain you had because we were in two different courses. I had neglected your feelings but never did I pushed you away. It was not you all along. Because you know I still want the bond we created to continue. That is what I want. But what had just happened? What’s with all the awkwardness, the greeting part whenever-we-see-each-other no more, the feeling of pushing away and going nowhere?

From all of these I have understood more of the situation. I realized that as you moved on from the feeling you had for me, you also carried away the friendship that we have.

That we ever had.

So now I am feeling the pain you had sensed back then.

And you have bid your farewell without having to say any goodbyes.