One in a million

by 7

All it would take is just one day.

One day, to know the love of my life.

aaaaaI will know his name.
aaaaaI will feel his presence.
aaaaaI will touch him.
aaaaaFeel his hand in mine.
aaaaaI will look at him.
aaaaaI will see his eyes.
aaaaaHe will see right through me.
aaaaaBecause he knows it too.
aaaaaHe feels it too.

He will be my God-given love.
I have been waiting for him.

And he will be here.
Maybe beside me, or right there in front of me.

We will share our life together.
All the happiness, and sorrow.
All the pain, we will endure.
We will share our dreams and passion.
We will accept every mistake and failure.
aaaaaWe will love.

We will be a family.
A bond.
A vow.
A promise that would not be broken.
A future that is well-dreamed of.
A life.

aaaaaWe will be broken and will be mended.
aaaaaWe will be lost and will find our way back again.

Because God is there to keep us.
aaaaaTo help us.
aaaaaTo heal us.
aaaaaTo restore us.
aaaaaTo love us.

He is the One,
the only One,

the reason,

the match-maker,
the love expert,

the only answer

aaaaain how we find each other in love.

And I will be forever grateful.

I will be forever waiting.

For him.

aaaaaaaaaaOne day.