Restored truth

by 7

The truth about Jenny is that she’s good.
Good in academics and way back in her childhood.
But one day, came a sudden problem,
a sudden rash in a fallen pollen.

Away she went from the virtues she knows.
Got along to her new friends who said they have no woes.
She changed outfit to look admirable,
and pleased the society ever so hypercritical.

The girl has gone astray, lost, and misplaced.
She felt alone and so depressed.
Even with the beauty and fame,
there are still some things missing in the frame.

So she washed the make up, and washed the dirt.
The dirt she thought that wasn’t going to hurt.
She wore her plain shirt and jeans again,
and tore the ones she thought were for reign.

Standing still, she saw a figure,
a figure that looks like serendipity in mixture.
In the mirror, she saw a reflection,
a face made bold in strength and devotion.

From within she discovered,
the truth behind make ups and covers,
they make you pretty,
but will never conceal it until infinity.

So she went back on her good old ways.
She went back to her mother who really stays.
The truth about Jenny is that she’s good.
The truth about beauty is that it’s in you.