For keeps

by 7

The evening got cold. And so was our food on the dining table. But not you. You were always wearing this warmth I now become used to. Except when you’re mad—your candlelight somehow fades out. But you were this one person to make me feel certain even if it is not, just by the way you hold me in your arms.

And there we were, sitting on the sofa, watching you change networks from the music channel and back again. You asked me if I was hungry. I replied with a shook of my head. And then you told me you were going to ask me something, again. And again with that feeling of uneasiness every time you say that—there are these walls inside me waiting and wanting to collapse as soon as you ask me what you want with that tone and look. I think I am holding my breath every single time you do that. Or maybe I am just way too overthinking things.

Because you asked me something no one ever did.

No matter what happens, promise me you would be my friend ‘til the end?

The simplicity of the question makes me want to laugh out loud and hug you tight at the same time. It sounds too cliché-y, I know that, you know that. But you asked anyway. I want to laugh out loud because I was thinking about a lot more serious thing way better than this and to ease the worry that I was feeling thinking about a lot more serious thing way better than this. I want to hug you tight because of how you looked me in my eyes, saying those words that felt so emotional, sincere, genuine. And I looked intently to you I can see myself smile in your eyes.

Between a millisecond and another point millisecond of my heartbeat, I felt a rush back from the past, throwing flashes of moments where we belong. I was seeing ourselves—snapshots of the happy times, the sad parts, the winning moments. Your eyes highlights them, capturing them and your eyelids go click, click, click.

I don’t care how cliché it might look, or on how it sounds, at what it costs. But believe me when I say that when you’ve found someone who asked that to you, and your heart decided to hold on for a beat and pumps again in a more renowned rhythm, keep the promise. And cling onto it no matter what. A friend for keeps, is one of the many things life can offer.


I hold out my pinkie finger, and I was in such glee as you interlocked yours with mine, sealing our vow. We smiled. We promised.

We promised.