For my two significant women, it’s been a while

by 7

Time, an element in life, is tricky.

Most times, I see two years, five years, ten years from now—a really long time. When other times, I wake up, feel the sun heat on my skin, and realize that those years have passed by already.

Time makes you think that minutes are just too short-spanned and hours are just waiting around a corner. It makes you think that years feel so far away and maybe, just maybe, decades are out of reach. But think again.

Time is tricky at its finest.

I can’t say that I miss you. Because truth be told, I never get the chance to talk to you. I never get the chance to kiss your cheek or say thanks for everything. And even say goodbye. I never had those chances. You were there for the first few years of my infancy and how I wish I felt your warm embrace when I get to actually register in my mind the actual moment that you actually hugged me. For more than ten years since you last saw me, I thank you for those little spectacles. I mean it.

I only saw you in pictures. I only knew you from their stories. And yet, I still feel loved by you way back in my early days. Don’t you worry, your kids are in good molding because of you.

I can’t say that I don’t miss you. You were one of the cool kids. You were one heck of confidence when it comes to talent. You were one of the people I shared secrets and stories with. You were there, standing, laughing, dreaming, singing away the blues. But the blues went straight to me, to us, when we heard the news. It’s been three years since someone wrote you a song. Three years since we slept at your house, with you sleeping on a white bed. Three years since I last saw your calm face and I cried buckets. Three years, and I still can hum that song chorus.

I still can remember. I will remember. Don’t you worry, we’re still dreaming big and a lot like what you’d be doing too right now. I miss you.

Time tastes bad some days when I remember poisoned apples and spiders on the wall. But it feels so good when some days you reminisce the pleasant ones, the happy times, the unforgettable moments. Time is anything depending on how you will depict time.


Because for me, time is tricky in a way you want to give it a treat.