A hopeful dismay

by 7

Some nights
I dream of first love
Of a field of dandelions
Of blowing seeds and going above

I see you in that rowboat
Arms swing, eyes touch
Much more than a fling
Where I stand, I think I can judge

I think of we
We, on top of the tower
We, under the starry night
We, beside each other

But all what’s left was I
Tower got damaged and broken
And the clouds hid the stars
No one parallel to, again

Rowboat floated alone
Arms gone, eyes nothing
Much more than dismay
Where I stood, I think of everything

Some nights
I dream of first love
Of sunflowers this time
Of promises that could actually rhyme

And some nights, once more
I stay hopeful
I add fuel to the flame
Will this end up just the same?