Set the lens.
Ready position.
Show your big smile.
Never take revision.
Here comes the flash
and the click, click, click.
Processing picture.
Printing the mixture.
Putting in a frame.
Displaying for free.
A moment for keeps.
Forever a memory.

So just capture and never forget.

Hello. You’ll be able to see posts randomly, depending on the mood and liking of the blogger.

Seven, as an alternate name, is a she. The person behind the blogs and some sorts of stories———a frustrated writer or so she thinks of herself———is simply living her fullest life to its limited possible takes of breath. She will be forever in deep gratitude to her Father spiritually, who, now and then, makes and lets her realize things and values and caring thoughts. If not typing and posting, she is falling in love with sleep and food and books and lyrics and adventure and places and people.

Currently residing in Philippines. A college student. A sister of two, a friend of precious beings, and a shoulder to cry on.